Dichtkunstkrant The Exhibition: Joey Ramone Gallery Rotterdam


Curated by Efrat Zehavi & Florimond Wassenaar
13 July – 17 August 2013

Participating artists
Han Hoogerbrugge, Avner Ben Gal, Gil & Moti, Rolf Engelen, Peter J. Maltz, Shagar Golan Sarig, Itamar Burstein, Efrat Zehavi, Justin Wijers

JOEY RAMONE is pleased to host the 1st exhibition of the DICHTKUNSTKRANT. The private view is on Saturday, July 13th, 5-8pm. The exhibition runs till Saturday August 17th.


The Dichtkunstkrant was founded in 2011 by artist Efrat Zehavi and poet Florimond Wassenaar as a response to the hostile governmental policy on art, which would proclaim art as socially insignificant and as privilege of the elite. The newspaper is therefor established on the belief that art is fundamental for the democratic functionality of society.

The scope of the paper is to stimulate the discourse about the significance of art and poetry and try to reach a broader public. In order to achieve this goal the paper is being distributed in the Netherlands in an edition of 10.000 copies free of charge. The Dichtkunstkrant adopts the format of a daily newspaper and publishes contributions coming from the fields of visual art and poetry, which focus on current social and political issues. The appropriation or re-interpretation of such subjects via the use of art and poetry aim to make those disciplines more accessible to the broader public. The choice for the trivial medium like that of the newspaper points to the question of what finally is the value of art.
The paper invites artists and poets, whose work is confronting but at the same time engaging and accessible, to share their view on current events. The combination of art and poetry results in a play of word and image that complement and comment on each other without becoming illustrative.

DICHTKUNSTKRANT – The Exhibition presents the artists who co-operated in the edition of 2013. In this occasion the paper can also function as the catalogue of the exhibition.
The poets Florimond Wassenaar and Nick J. Swarth will read poetry during the opening on July 13, 2013.

Han Hoogerbrugge (1963/NL) is an illustrator and artist based in Rotterdam. Hoogerbrugge responds to the ‘news’ with daily cartoons and drawings, which he posts on his website. His approach is humorous, opinionated and grotesque.

Avner Ben Gal (1966/IL) is a painter based in Tel Aviv. Ben Gal’s recent work contains allegories of personal and national histories that are equipped with a disturbing undercurrent of violence and horror.

Gil & Moti (1968/1971 IL / NL) is a Rotterdam based artist duo. In their work the denial of the boundaries between private life, performance, art and social intervention is a central subject. At the exhibition they will present a series of etchings made recently in Israel, in which they respond to social and political problems there.

Rolf Engelen (1964/NL) is a visual artist based in Rotterdam. He works with texts, drawings and objects in which the inconspicuous is placed in the foreground in a subtle, poetic way.

Peter J. Maltz (1973/IL) is a draughtsman, painter and sculptor based in Tel Aviv. In the exhibition drawings from the series ‘Under the Surface’ will be presented. Throughout the year 2012 Maltz made a drawing every day. The work responds to his personal life, culture and life in Israel as he experienced it.

Shagar Golan Sarig (1980/IL) is a draughtsman, painter and writer based in Tel Aviv. Golan Sarig processes influences from cinematographic images, the metropolitan reality and his family life in a collage-like fashion.

Itamar Burstein (1974/IL) is an industrial designer based in Tel Aviv. Burstein will exhibit his work “Plain Paper,” which playfully and ironically questions the value of money.

Efrat Zehavi (1974/IL/NL) is a visual artist based in Rotterdam. She will present work from the sculpture series ‘Reconstructions’. In this series news – images are replicated in order to let the viewer ‘relive’ the event and to reflect on the content of the depicted news item.

Justin Wijers (1981/NL) is a draughtsman based in Rotterdam. Wijers’s work deals with images of human suffering, which are disseminated on the Internet. As a starting point for his work he chooses the most violent pictures, which he edits with a sensitive and sophisticated technique, in order to seduce people to look at what they actually do not want to see.

The poets Nick J. Swarth and Florimond Wassenaar will present video-clips featuring readings of their poems.

For more information and events: www.dichtkunstkrant.nl  http://www.joeyramone.nl/program.html


Josephstraat 166

3014 TX, Rotterdam

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Gallery hours
Wednesday – Saturday
12.00 – 6.00pm

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